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There are many benefits of attending group classes; variation, motivation from other attendees, weight/fat loss, muscle toning, muscle building and improving general fitness. Ben Johnson Fitness group classes offer a great variety of weekly classes and currently include:

Metafit Classes       METAFIT:
The 30min metabolic workout that lasts 24hrs!

Looking to burn fat?  Then change your resting metabolism by working big muscle groups with high intensity intervals in 30min sessions (maximum) with METAFIT classes!  These classes are taught in studios and require no equipment, just bodyweight!  Different tracks and workouts to follow each session, come along and join the METAFIT REVOLUTION.
Boxercise Class       BOXERCISE:
The popular group class where Boxing techniques are combined with muscle toning exercises to give you the all-round workout.  Lasting 45mins, you will be taken through various punching styles combining these with intervals of intense bouts of exercise.  A great way to not only burn calories, develop muscle tone and strength, but also to relieve some stresses by smacking some pads! 

SHREDX                                                                                                                       NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED! Mix together high intensity intervals with various equipment and you get SHREDX, the great way to fire up metabolism and SHRED away XTREME body fat! This 45min class will keep you working with very little rest, work around the High Steps, Weighted Vests, Powerbags, Medicine Balls, Hurdles and many more pushing you to your Xtremes.   

Kettlebell Training       KETTLEBELLS:
The kettlebell is a weight which resembles a cannonball with a handle.  It is perfect for combining cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training!  Using a Kettlebell works several muscles simultaneously, therefore burning more calories per movement.  A huge amount of calories can therefore be burned in this 45min class, covering various movements in a circuit format following the instructor at the front of the class.  Various weights are offered to attendees from 4kg up to 16kg meaning all levels of ability are welcomed.  Come along to see why this is the new big celebrity hype!   
Running Class       OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP:
Not only will you burn a load of calories, you will also; be exercising in the great outdoors, Chase Park, Whickham, have fun with variation in training techniques and get some essential Vitamin D that your body requires (when the sun is out eventually)! (45mins max).

Ben Johnson Fitness Group Classes


Pay per session: METAFIT - £3, All others £4
All classes (monthly) - £35.00

*All monthly bookings include, weigh-in, body fat and body circumference measurements.*

*GET IN TOUCH NOW TO BOOK* or call 07969850648




“Until a few months ago, my idea of going to the gym and keeping in shape was 30-60 minutes on the cross trainer a few times a week and eating more or less what I wanted all the time, only being 'good' every now and then. I have always been fortunate enough to get away with it, as I've always had quite a high metabolism and my body shape has never really changed. However, since I started personal training with Ben and attending his classes - metafit in particular - I have seen massive changes in my body shape. My main aim wasn't to lose weight but to decrease my body fat, which dropped massively. This also meant my weight and measurements dropped too, which was an added bonus! My body has become so much more lean and toned. On top of all this, my fitness levels have increased so much by combining good food and exercise, doing things I never thought I would ever be able to do, from lifting weights to full push ups. Also, with Ben's encouragement, I started running and from barely being able to run half a mile, I am now signed up to the great north run and looking into other running challenges - something I never thought I would ever want to do! Training with Ben has helped me to see the right exercises to do and the best foods to eat, without it being such a challenge. I think the toughest part is the eating side, that has always been my downfall but Ben has given me so many amazing recipes that it doesn't seem like such a chore - preparation is key! Yes, it still requires dedication, motivation and hard work but Ben's help and firm encouragement makes all the difference. “

Emma – Rowlands Gill


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