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Personal Training

Ben Johnson Fitness understands that everyone is individual, the same training programmes and nutrition programmes do not work for everyone! Whether your goals are weight/fat loss, muscle tone, weight gain/muscle gain, training for a sporting event or sports specific training to get the edge over your competitors, Ben Johnson Fitness can give you the MOTIVATION, EDUCATION and DEDICATION to achieve them! Personal Training packages will help you by offering the following;

 FREE consultation including Health and Fitness Assessment
 1-2-1 sessions*
 Individualised exercise /training programme
 Individualised nutrition programme
 Regular Health and Fitness assessments to track progress
 24/7 Advice and support via mobile or email

*Sessions can be in-house, outdoors or in a gym (no extra cost).

Joint Personal Training
Is a popular option too. People may feel more comfortable, gain more motivation and find it more cost effective by having sessions with a friend or family member. To keep this “personal” we keep this option to a max of 3 people and ask that you have similar goals in mind (i.e. all body fat loss), however you don’t need to be in the same start position (i.e. the same starting body fat %). With this option you will receive all the above services which are given with 1-2-1 Personal Training (except the 1-2-1 part of course).

Personal Training Pricelist

Initial Consultation   Total Cost
(Health and Fitness assessment, aims and goals)  FREE
 1-2-1 Personal Training
No of Sessions Discount  Total Cost
1 Session £30
5 Sessions  5% £143
10 Sessions 10% £270
20 Sessions 15% £510
 Joint Personal Training (Maximum 3 persons)
No of Sessions  Discount  Total Cost (2 ppl / 3 ppl)
1 Session £20 / £15
5 Sessions 5% £95 / £70
10 Sessions 10% £180 / £135
20 Sessions  15% £340 / £255
 Personal Exercise Programmes
No of Weeks Discount Total Cost
4 Weeks £10.00
8 Weeks 25% £15.00
12 Weeks 25% £22.50
Small travel costs not included; dependent upon location*




“With the help of Ben I have totally changed my lifestyle. I used to go to the gym regularly but I have never had good eating habits, I used to do the same things in the gym and i wasn't seeing any changes. Stuck in a bad routine I decided to search for some help with Ben Johnson Fitness. Ben has given me in depth knowledge about what to eat, showing it doesn't have to be boring with lots of recepie ideas. A healthy diet is crucial, i have never stuck to a diet plan and without Bens encouragement and advice I wouldn't of seen the results I have. My body shape has totally changed thanks to the exercise I do both at the bootcamps and in personal training sessions. In the first week I lost 6 pounds and made such a difference to my body shape and fat. I'm at the stage now where people are now noticing and the main thing is the total change in body shape. I have dropped a dress size but not only that I have become so much fitter. The amount of times I have said I can't do things, for example- I can't run or I can't do push ups now thanks to Ben I now have applied for the great north run and can do full push ups. It definitely hasn't just made me loose weight and change body shape but I have become much fitter and changed how I think about food completely. If your looking for some help, change of lifestyle, friendly but firm with exercising and to see some amazing changes I couldn't recommend Ben enough.”

Ashley – Whickham





“Even though I am in my very very late forties, personal training with Ben Johnson Fitness has dramatically changed my body shape, my fitness levels and my attitude to training. Prior to starting to train with Ben, I was an overweight runner (carrying most of it round my chest and middle) with often-reoccurring joint & injury problems, no upper body strength whatsoever and a lack of interest in anything involving weights.  With Ben’s expert guidance, knowledge and encouragement, my body fat percentage has since reduced by 11% (and still dropping) and my weight by 20 lbs (even though I’m packing on muscle), I’m much more flexible and am no longer embarrassed to take my shirt off as I have a much trimmer and flatter chest & waist, and shoulders, biceps & triceps to be proud of! I relish our training sessions as Ben pushes me continually to keep improving – and it works. Along with many other major advances, I now deadlift 100kgs and also regularly do multiple sets of 10 pull ups and chin ups whereas I could literally not raise myself off the ground when we started. As well as training me to be lean & strong, Ben also provides me with excellent running coaching and, on top of improving my core strength in our PT sessions, Ben devised a running training plan to prepare me for my 3rd Great North Run (PB) and my 3rd Edinburgh Marathon (PB by over 22 minutes!).

Being nearly 50, I was worried that a trainer may not take my aims and aspirations of being lean and strong seriously, particularly starting from such a low base, but I needn’t have worried with Ben as he trains me as he would a younger person and never mentions my age or accepts it as a reason or an excuse.  Ben knows his stuff inside out and his approach is always highly professional and committed whilst maintaining an ever-friendly and approachable air with a great sense of humour, which means that my training is structured but still flexible, hard work but always very enjoyable.  As nutrition is key, Ben also schedules out all of my meals for me for 6 days a week and this is tailored around not only our PT sessions but also my running and squash to ensure I’m taking in the right amount of calories in the correct form at the most appropriate time to help me meet my goals.  This definitely works for me as the meals are varied, easy to prepare and tasty and, apart from anything else, it takes the thinking and temptation away from having to do it myself.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ben Johnson Fitness to anyone wanting to improve their health & fitness and get into shape.  In fact, I’ve been so impressed that I engaged them to train both of my daughters and, on my recommendation, Ben now trains my boss too!”

Phill - Darras Hall



"I always got told I got my belly from my dad but Ben Johnson told me I got it from my food so i decided to give his healthy eating plan a go along with his exercise classes. I didnt have loads to loose but wasnt happy and wanted a flatter stomach and to be more toned. Ben Johnson has helped me and been great with his advice and motivation."

 Rachel, Whickham





     Fat loss
 "When I first started out with Ben Johnson Fitness I had lost a lot of weight but was very unfit and wanted to change my life for the better. On starting my sessions with Ben in October of 2012, we worked hard in our sessions via circuit training, Ben pushed me to my max and making me believe I can achieve my goals. After receiving a place to run in The Great North Run 2013 at the turn of the year my training took a new focus, on getting me in the best physical shape to compete in the event. After months of hard work, aching legs and feet Ben had turned me from a lad who had never ran more than 3 miles in his life to a half marathon finisher with a sub 2 hour finishing time! With getting married in May 2014 training then focussed on toning and muscle building getting me into as great shape as possible for the big day! It has been a tough process but I have loved every minute of it. Ben has really changed the way I think about food, the way I look at training and the mindset of nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Ben has always been on hand 24/7 with advice and motivation when times have been hard and has become more than just a personal trainer but a good friend. Without the help of Ben I would not look and feel as good as I do today, working with him has really changed my life for the better."


Jamie - Durham  

     Weight Loss Transformation